Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do we get started?

We meet to discuss your company and the situation. This is normally a no-charge meeting, other than expense reimbursement. Generally, I like to talk with several people to get a broad view. This meeting not only provides comfort to your team, but provides me information I need to deliver a proposal outlining objectives, time-frames, process and deliverables as applicable.

How do you charge?

Other than for interim CEO roles, I usually charge on a per diem basis. I prefer to work on retainer to assure that sufficient time is reserved for the client and to help avoid scheduling problems. My retainer is generally per calendar quarter, allowing the client flexibility in an uneven demand environment. Daily rates apply to time spent with the client, significant travel time, and substantial work effort away from the client’s work place. I do not charge for telephone or e-mail time (unless excessive) or in-town travel or minor work product time.

Interim-CEO roles are monthly with an agreed upon minimum number of months and a minimum either-side-can-give-termination-notice time period, allowing for smooth transition.

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