Whether you need plans to be honestly reviewed or you need assistance in the development of key strategies, I believe I can help. I look to maximize your teams' time and will participate as actively as desired. I prefer to work on retainer, but am happy to work on an individual task. My joy is seeing a person/company succeed.

Below is a brief description of the services I provide. For more information, please click on a bolded title line below.

Interim CEO
As interim CEO, I fill a full-time, short term, usually several months, solution-oriented role, keeping momentum going and the team motivated, focused and productive… and ready for a new long-term CEO.

Go-to-Market Plans and Channel Development
Much of my over 45 years' experience was in Sales. Determining the go-to-market plan and understanding the strategic importance of channels are among the most important decisions that a company can make. Implementing a successful channel program allows for leverage, but is not easy. Great products are required for success, but, unfortunately, great products alone are not sufficient. Often overlooked in a start-up that may have been founded by an entrepreneurial technologist, is a well-thought-out go-to-market strategy.

Team Building and the Decision-Making Process
The more senior management knows about each otherís style and thought processes, the clearer will be the communication and the stronger the team. Keep in mind that groups generally make better decisions than individuals. A "group" that actually works as a "team" most often makes better decisions. Keep in mind that teams win and that groups generally make better decisions than individuals.

Advisor/Coach for Senior Executives
Every executive needs a "penalty free" person who listens to issues, concerns and ideas with no axe to grind.

Meeting Facilitation
If the "boss" owns the marker, meetings cannot truly be open.

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