Team Building

The more senior management knows about each others' style and thought processes, the clearer will be the communication and the stronger the team, a team more receptive to others' ideas and committed to making better decisions for the company.

By meeting with each executive, 1:1, to learn what he/she thinks each colleague should "keep doing, stop doing, and start doing," I develop a thorough understanding of what's going on. Without disclosing confidences, I can report on the issues that need to be addressed... and develop a potential solution for review. My ability to quickly develop trust is an asset. I believe regular off-site meetings are an essential part of team building.

Getting a group of capable executives to truly believe that consensus develops the best solution.

Key Benefits

  • More effective management team
  • Better, for-the-good-of-the-company, decisions are made
  • Wasted time due to internal "agendas" is minimized

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