Go-to-Market Plans and Channel Development

Much of my 45 years' experience was in Sales. Determining the go-to-market plan and the strategic importance of channels are among the most important decisions that a company can make. A great product/service is required for success, but, unfortunately, is not sufficient.

At Chipcom, we developed a strategic single-tier channel program that played a major role in the company's success. Many industry watchers still consider that program, and its execution, amongst the best ever. This approach was best for Chipcom... and we stayed with it from start to finish.

That said, whether a company attacks a market by using a single-tier channel or through Distribution or goes direct, or uses a combination approach, are critical decisions. Whether a company focuses its efforts on an industry and/or a geography are other critical questions. What are the realistic expectations of a ramp? Productivity of sales people? There is no one answer to these and many other questions. It varies by situation. What is clear is that the plan must be well thought out, be both tactical and strategic, and must have total "buy-in" from the entire executive team. Often, several different approaches can get the job done, but the difference between success and failure is execution and that takes total commitment by the entire management team.

My real-world experience can aid significantly in the development of your go-to-market plans.

Much of my experience in the last 45 years has been with rapid growth, but there is time for a "go for it" approach, and, maybe, this is not the time. Sometimes caution is the right plan.

Key Benefits

  • Setting of realistic goals and expectations
  • Everyone on the same page
  • Understanding that the go-to-market plan is a company plan, not just Sales' plan
  • Success

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