Advisor/Coach for Senior Executives

Every senior executive needs a "penalty free" person who listens to issues, concerns and ideas and provides honest, no-agenda suggestions back.

No matter how experienced an executive, the need to bounce ideas off of an experienced person -- without fear of embarrassment or second-guessing -- cannot be underestimated. How to motivate, work with a challenging subordinate, or better communicate to the employees or the outside world are skills that can be improved.

CEOs, in particular, can benefit as they have no peers within the company.

This service is 1:1 and requires an on-going, on-call relationship. The ability to do this in a trustworthy manner is essential. Having been an senior executive in start-up, early growth and growth environments for 25 years has given me understanding and perspective.

Key Benefits

  • More effective senior executives
  • Wiser, more timely decisions
  • More efficient communications
  • Improved leadership and colleague, subordinate morale

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