Principal Profile

I served as a senior executive for over thirty years after beginning my career with IBM (twelve years) and Datapoint (three years), where I gained significant experience in sales, sales management and product management. After building the North American business operation for Digital Research, Inc. (DRI) for three years, I joined Chipcom in 1985 and ran Field Operations (sales, support, service, field marketing) for a decade until the company was acquired by 3Com. During those years, I was instrumental in helping Chipcom grow from 8 to 1,100 people and achieve 28 record, profitable quarters in a row, increasing revenue from zero to over $300M per year. I often get credit for creating Chipcom's incredibly positive, very productive culture. Chipcom derived 100% of its business through channels and more than 50% of its business internationally.

In the years immediately following Chipcom, I was the CEO, president and Board Member at Novasoft and Top Layer Networks. Beginning in 2002, I have been an executive consultant/advisor. From 2005 through 2007, I mostly have been an interim CEO. From 2007 through 2014, I was the CEO, president and Board Member at Auriga Microwave, a high-tech technology start-up, focused at the Department of Defense. I principally consult with start-up and early growth companies. I have been on the Board of four start-up companies and have served on the Board of one public company. My strength is helping build a team-oriented environment.

My associates are the many people I know who have skills/knowledge that augment my own in areas such as training, marketing communications, lead generation, telemarketing operations, customer service, and manufacturing operations.

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